Bundle GSLabIt:12.0-add-pos_multi_store
Category Default
Version 12.0
State done
Create date 2021-03-25 21:12:50.749741
odoo:4a61e69a from base: 12.0

enterprise:799155f7 from base: 12.0

ingadhoc/hr:54bc71cf from base: 12.0

oca/social:3cbf88b1 from base: 12.0

ingadhoc/sale:aa5a0746 from base: 12.0

oca/web:9dcf2000 from base: 12.0

oca/server-ux:88892026 from base: 12.0

ingadhoc/multi-store:2e8d8649 found in branch 32 +369 -0 ( 12 )
Subject: [12.0][ADD] pos_multi_store
Author: Giovanni ( <giovanni@gslab.it> )
Commit date: 2021-03-25 22:11:58

oca/brand:cee24a38 from base: 12.0

All (without running tests) (backup, no lo estamos usando, era el trigger sin tener todo lo de localizaciĆ³n, lo guardamos por si llega a ser util reomtar este)
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