Bundle 13.0-h-28601-kz
Category Default
Version 13.0
State done
Create date 2021-04-08 04:09:51.689271
odoo:27567ffc from base: 13.0

enterprise:76d9f63b from base: 13.0

ingadhoc/hr:1064d483 from base: 13.0

oca/social:23bb3097 from base: 13.0

ingadhoc/sale:4f5f24b5 from base: 13.0

ingadhoc/enterprise-extensions:e65ee520 found in branch 41 +13 -10 ( 3 )
Subject: [FIX] account_online_sync_ar: fix tomorrow
Author: Katherine Zaoral ( <kz@adhoc.com.ar> )
Commit date: 2021-04-08 01:09:05

oca/web:f1100ecf from base: 13.0

oca/server-ux:d9c2f6fb from base: 13.0

Only repos with tests Ok
All (without running tests) (backup, no lo estamos usando, era el trigger sin tener todo lo de localizaciĆ³n, lo guardamos por si llega a ser util reomtar este)
INFO -- Using batch 1080 to define missing commits
INFO -- Not all commit found in bundle branches and base batch. Fallback on base branches heads.
INFO -- Not all commit found in current version. Fallback on master branches heads.
INFO -- Not all commit found. Fallback on foreign base branches heads.
INFO -- Batch done