Bundle adhoc-dev:13.0-test-runbot
Category Default
Version 13.0
State done
Create date 2021-02-18 12:24:36.913955
odoo:d139b509 from base: 13.0

enterprise:028647dc from base: 13.0

oca/social:fad96215 from base: 13.0

oca/web:bae95fc4 from base: 13.0

oca/server-ux:6f633283 from base: 13.0

ingadhoc/odoo-public-administration:9227aabb found in branch 407 +1 -0 ( 1 )
Subject: []
Author: Juan Jose Scarafia ( <jjs@adhoc.com.ar> )
Commit date: 2021-02-18 07:19:02

INFO -- New head on branch 407 during throttle phase: Replacing commit d4a1eb3493dce2cd46542d78a278e4ac32f91b83 with 9227aabb76c19004fc5285dbe8080e329055e152
INFO -- Branch ingadhoc/odoo-public-administration:408 and branch ingadhoc/odoo-public-administration:407 in repo ingadhoc/odoo-public-administration don't have the same head: d4a1eb3493dce2cd46542d78a278e4ac32f91b83 ≠ 9227aabb76c19004fc5285dbe8080e329055e152
INFO -- Using batch 506 to define missing commits
INFO -- Not all commit found in bundle branches and base batch. Fallback on base branches heads.
INFO -- Not all commit found in current version. Fallback on master branches heads.
INFO -- Not all commit found. Fallback on foreign base branches heads.
INFO -- Batch done