Bundle: 13.0
First apparition: 13.0
Last apparition: 13.0
Commit: ingadhoc/aeroo_reports:4cf8dac8
Subject: [IMP] readme
Author: Juan Jose Scarafia
Committer: Juan José Scarafía
Commit: odoo:b33e72d0
Subject: [FIX] stock: make package level package consistent
Author: Tiffany Chang (tic)
Committer: Tiffany Chang (tic)
Commit: enterprise:6a27ceb9
Subject: [FIX] helpdesk: set ticket close date according to state
Author: ham-odoo
Committer: Barad Mahendra
Version: 13.0
Config: Adhoc Conf
Total time: 24s

Date Level Type Message
2021-02-18 06:16:58 INFO runbot Init build environment with config Adhoc Conf
2021-02-18 06:16:58 Starting step base from config Adhoc Conf
2021-02-18 06:17:12 Step base finished in 14s
2021-02-18 06:17:12 Starting step all from config Adhoc Conf
2021-02-18 06:17:22 INFO runbot Getting results for build 00149-13-0
2021-02-18 06:17:22 ERROR runbot Modules loaded not found in logs
2021-02-18 06:17:22 Step all finished in 10s
2021-02-18 06:17:22 Starting step run from config Adhoc Conf
2021-02-18 06:17:22 INFO runbot Start running build 00149-13-0
2021-02-18 06:17:33 INFO runbot Step run finished in 11s