sipreco/odoo-argentina:f7778bb8 [FIX] l10n_ar_partner: always use main_id_number as CUIT if this one is set.
sipreco/account-payment:72c3a5f8 [FIX] account_withholding_automatic: filter payment groups by company
sipreco/odoo-argentina:e1874b62 [FIX] l10n_ar_account_withholding: fix de domain of the previos payment groups
sipreco/odoo-argentina:8915f4b8 [ADD] l10n_ar_account: RG5003 - A documents for Monotributistas
sipreco/enterprise-extensions:dd6b6b03 [FIX] add to the exclution models "mass.editing.wizard".
sipreco/odoo-argentina:13036c7e [FIX] l10n_ar_edi_ux: CN/DN from customer receipts
sipreco/odoo-argentina:4d07d2ad [ADD] l10n_ar_afipws_fe: RG 4919/2021
sipreco/enterprise-extensions:b0ce1b3e [IMP] transindar_personalization: sale performance hacemos backport de esta mejora ( de perofrmance de odoo. Ya está hablado con lisandro, se pierde la funcionalidad de que se vincule factura por campo origin a las ventas