odoo:8fce8bdd [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex
enterprise:71aa7b93 [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex
oca/social:05d9e7c9 Update translation files
oca/stock-logistics-warehouse:587b5cd6 stock_request_purchase
oca/web:583b4afe web_widget_numeric_step
oca/server-ux:95d8413c [UPD] addons table in README.md
ingadhoc/odoo-public-administration:5da01d0b [13.0] [FIX] public_budget: Use origin to access to the value in the onchange.
sipreco/enterprise-extensions:3b297b73 [13.0] [FIX] helpdesk_ux: Show messages in portal thread if them are comment.
sipreco/account-payment:c2418a82 [13.0] [IMP] account_payment_group: Adapt wizard "massive validation invoices" for pay now validation.
sipreco/odoo-argentina:90c942ed [REM] l10n_ar_ux: hook noupdate for doc types This hook was there for v12- but is incosistent with approach on v13.
sipreco/account-financial-tools:7267ffd0 [13.0] [FIX] account_ux: Set the readonly by states in fields.
sipreco/miscellaneous:c7762b07 [13.0] [FIX] portal_backend: Use monkey patch to charge the hack before the update of some modules.
sipreco/odoo-argentina-ee:58cf124e [FIX] l10n_ar_account_tax_settlement: sicore txt file
sipreco/stock:34b47d5e [13.0] [FIX] stock_ux: Avoid restriction in packages assignment.
odoo:42f1fd88 [FIX] Aged receivable report: prevent small rest due to rounding issue
enterprise:d40b291e [FIX] account_invoice_extract: use syntactically correct VAT numbers in tests
oca/social:c329ad60 Update translation files
oca/stock-logistics-warehouse:d228ce74 stock_vertical_lift
oca/stock-logistics-workflow:c2e99c84 delivery_total_weight_from_packaging
oca/web:4384ca05 Update translation files
oca/server-ux:fc851dfd [UPD] addons table in README.md
ingadhoc/odoo-public-administration:6016d5aa [13.0] [IMP] public_budget: In the remit, add, together with the father, the children of the record that are found at the remit location.
sipreco/enterprise-extensions:b0c72831 [13.0] [FIX] helpdesk_ux: Show messages in portal thread if them are comment.
sipreco/account-payment:1bf3fd7e [13.0] [IMP] account_payment_group: Re-adapt the payment template in v13.
sipreco/odoo-argentina:997081b6 [ADD] l10n_ar_ux: reference field is not unique when using documents
sipreco/account-financial-tools:bfb67f0d [IMP] account_ux: partner ledger ux
sipreco/miscellaneous:22da858e [ADD] base_report_to_print_node
sipreco/odoo-argentina-ee:70ae6a2f [13.0] [FIX] account_tax_settlement: Setting amount currency in the correct sign.
sipreco/stock:ff3e0a13 [FIX] Update manifest.