This bundle has a forced base: 11.0
odoo:53fa8691 [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex
enterprise:9495defc [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex
oca/social:10fa05ab Update translation files
ingadhoc/aeroo_reports:a5914fb9 Merge branch '11.0' of into 11.0
ingadhoc/enterprise-extensions:99e191a2 [FIX] exporter: models to ignore
ingadhoc/account-financial-tools:b58cf45b [IMP] account_document: remove number from order remove number from order on account.invoices as it's not used so much and, as it's not indexed, it can lead on performance issues.
ingadhoc/odoo-argentina:bcba8328 [FIX] l10n_ar_afipws_fe: re add afip barcode field
oca/web:7e22a6f8 [UPD] README.rst
oca/server-ux:6d6d35a7 Translated using Weblate (German)
ingadhoc/odoo-public-administration:1356794e [11.0] [FIX] public_budget: Set the restiction to year 2099.