Version 12.0
This bundle has a forced base: 12.0
odoo:f1dd07a7 [FIX] base: generate missing terms ok src dupes
enterprise:4357e653 [FIX] account_bank_statement_import_camt: journal with other currency
ingadhoc/hr:54bc71cf [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
ingadhoc/miscellaneous:ebdd9973 [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
oca/social:39ead65a Update translation files
ingadhoc/partner:66936bd1 [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
ingadhoc/sale:aa5a0746 [FIX] sale_exception_price_security: demo data load if any module was installing demo data with discounts, the module would fail due to __system__ being add to restrict group
ingadhoc/purchase:3784d55f [12.0] [BKP] From 13.0 [13.0] [FIX] purchase_stock_ux: Only purchase users allow to see the PO boton.
oca/purchase-workflow:380e9667 purchase_order_line_description
ingadhoc/stock:71c5b592 [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
oca/stock-logistics-warehouse:6fd655ef stock_request_purchase
ingadhoc/project:297cac21 [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
ingadhoc/enterprise-extensions:8bca0dab [FIX] base_algolia_search: acls
ingadhoc/account-payment:fe042f2b [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
ingadhoc/account-financial-tools:c4cdb91a [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
ingadhoc/product:08a3f392 [REM] product_replenishment_cost: user data this data was called demo but loaded as data and was there for nothing, we deprecate it
ingadhoc/odoo-argentina:57e27212 [ADD] l10n_ar_afipws_fe: RG 4919/2021
oca/web:9181e373 Update translation files
oca/server-ux:bd4561d9 Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
oca/e-commerce:025045c5 website_sale_vat_required
ingadhoc/multi-company:34d8ac36 [MOD] account_invoice Addded inherited method _onchange_delivery_address to avoid losing invoice comment field when changing companies inside the record
ingadhoc/multi-store:e713cbb0 [FIX] purchase_stock depends (#29)
oca/product-pack:2c0123f0 Update translation files
oca/sale-workflow:204231e2 [UPD] addons table in
ingadhoc/account-invoicing:48af02c6 [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
oca/server-tools:9c3677ed module_analysis
ingadhoc/website:1fedb098 [FIX] payment_mercadopago: use mp 1.1.1 With the release of mp 1.2.0 the integration is broken with a loop
ingadhoc/argentina-sale:85c49e77 [12.0] [ADD] l10n_ar_sale_order_type: Choose any checkbook who are in the company of sale order type.
oca/brand:cee24a38 sale_brand
oca/partner-contact:ef6b4d1d Translated using Weblate (Basque)
ingadhoc/account-financial-tools-no-auto-install:c4cdb91a [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
ingadhoc/account-payment-no-auto-install:fe042f2b [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
ingadhoc/reporting-engine:4dcc53d3 [IMP] clean code no longer needed on new runbot