Version 13.0
This bundle has a forced base: 13.0
odoo:d139b509 [FIX] calendar: cannot send mail if current user not in the loop
enterprise:6a27ceb9 [FIX] helpdesk: set ticket close date according to state
ingadhoc/miscellaneous:1193e470 [IMP] adapt for new runbot
oca/social:fad96215 [UPD] addons table in
ingadhoc/sale:965853de [13.0] [PORT] from 12.0
ingadhoc/purchase:41d7054b [13.0] [FIX] purchase_ux: Only currency when it's different thant the company currency of the invoice.
oca/purchase-workflow:dade6b0a purchase_request
ingadhoc/stock:0ded65a6 [REM] stock_batch_picking_ux: broken translations
oca/stock-logistics-workflow:6326f4b7 stock_picking_group_by_partner_by_carrier
ingadhoc/aeroo_reports:d41c2983 [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
ingadhoc/project:894af084 [IMP] clean travis/oca deps
ingadhoc/enterprise-extensions:6ad5cef4 [IMP] clean due to new runbot
ingadhoc/product:f90b17db [FIX] product_uoms_purchase
ingadhoc/odoo-argentina:a8752369 [FIX] l10n_ar_ux: get doc parts
oca/web:bae95fc4 Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
oca/server-ux:6f633283 [UPD] addons table in
oca/e-commerce:2490a4f1 Translated using Weblate (Catalan)
oca/product-pack:f706f69a stock_product_pack
oca/server-tools:21befb4e base_jsonify
ingadhoc/website:896fa41a [REF] website_product_attribute_link
ingadhoc/argentina-sale:bc20b93f [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot