Version 13.0
This bundle has a forced base: 13.0
odoo:05ad6c47 [FIX] {test_}mail: properly handle deletion of mail notif from composer
enterprise:c86faa94 [FIX] account_asset: avoid recursive and repeating queries
ingadhoc/miscellaneous:c7762b07 [13.0] [FIX] portal_backend: Use monkey patch to charge the hack before the update of some modules.
oca/social:05d9e7c9 Update translation files
ingadhoc/partner:1e492a95 [FIX] partner_internal_code: remove broken translations
ingadhoc/sale:feb89b21 [13.0] [FIX] sale_order_type_invoice_policy: Consider the returned qty when evaluate qty to invoice.
ingadhoc/purchase:fcd483a0 [13.0] [FIX] purchase_suggest: Use env company.
oca/purchase-workflow:3371033d purchase_order_approval_block
ingadhoc/stock:ff3e0a13 [FIX] Update manifest.
oca/stock-logistics-warehouse:587b5cd6 stock_request_purchase
oca/stock-logistics-workflow:f4e48222 delivery_total_weight_from_packaging
ingadhoc/project:894af084 [IMP] clean travis/oca deps
ingadhoc/enterprise-extensions:a69d2846 [ADD]helpdesk_solutions: show solution at portal
ingadhoc/account-payment:c2418a82 [13.0] [IMP] account_payment_group: Adapt wizard "massive validation invoices" for pay now validation.
ingadhoc/account-financial-tools:7267ffd0 [13.0] [FIX] account_ux: Set the readonly by states in fields.
ingadhoc/product:8b885428 [REM] product_replenishment_cost: user data this data was called demo but loaded as data and was there for nothing, we deprecate it
ingadhoc/odoo-argentina:997081b6 [ADD] l10n_ar_ux: reference field is not unique when using documents
oca/web:583b4afe web_widget_numeric_step
oca/server-ux:fc851dfd [UPD] addons table in
oca/e-commerce:7536f17c Translated using Weblate (Dutch)
ingadhoc/multi-company:15f5654c [13.0] [FIX] account_multic_fix: Use if instead elif to change in case the account of the line change.
ingadhoc/multi-store:f44ddbbb [IMP] remove code no needed on new runbot
oca/product-pack:b53c3fe6 product_pack
oca/sale-workflow:0da606f2 [UPD] addons table in
ingadhoc/account-invoicing:e99c746a Revert "[13.0] [FIX] account_invoice_tax: use recompute_all_taxes to complete the change adding of tax."
oca/server-tools:b4a7da0c Update translation files
ingadhoc/argentina-sale:ed2b26d7 [IMP] l10n_ar_stock: use remito report_name
ingadhoc/odoo-argentina-ee:aa12fcd6 [ADD] l10n_ar_edi_ux: RG4919/21 RESOLUCION 103/20
ingadhoc/odoo-argentina-ce:0baf6364 [fix] afip_qr_code debe devolver siempre un valor por se un campo computado
ingadhoc/account-financial-tools-no-auto-install:7267ffd0 [13.0] [FIX] account_ux: Set the readonly by states in fields.
ingadhoc/account-payment-no-auto-install:c2418a82 [13.0] [IMP] account_payment_group: Adapt wizard "massive validation invoices" for pay now validation.
bmya/odoo-bmya:c935f69d Merge branch '13.0' of into 13.0
oca/report-print-send:a2566f99 base_report_to_printer
ingadhoc/uruguay:19965b20 [IMP] remove files no longer needed on new runbot